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Pre-Order What's Next? A Life-Size Transition Game - Case of 8

Pre-Order What's Next? A Life-Size Transition Game - Case of 8

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What's Next? A Life-Size Transition Game - Case of 8


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Pre-Order What's Next? A Life-Size Transition Game - Case of 8

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Empowering Learning
Learning should be fun and empowering, especially in the context of preparing individuals for employment and thefuture. Innovative tools to helpdevelop basic skills are crucial forthe success of neurodivergentpeople in the workplace.

This game is designed so players of all abilities can participate. By placing tiles on the floor and rolling the giant die, everyone, including those who are non-verbal or minimally vocal, can engage in gameplay. The Facilitator Guide* complements this accessibility feature, serving as a comprehensive resource for facilitators and players alike. During the game, facilitators are there to offer , and can utilize the guide to adapt questions on certain tiles to meet the specific needs of players. This ensures a tailored experience for everyone. 

Transition Planning
Individuals with autism often have a tough time transitioning into adulthood. Gamifying it makes it less daunting and more engaging. It offers a fun way for individuals to practice social skills and prepare for questions about their future.

Interactive Gameplay
The game breaks the mold of traditional board games by using the real world as the game board. During game play, players are actively engaged by physically moving around their familiar environment. This interactive approach also makes the game accessible and enjoyable for individuals who struggle with traditional board games due to the need for physical motion and engagement.

Innovation in Adult Services
This game will create better opportunitiesand services to aid in the transition to adulthood for individuals with autism. Systems that are currently in place are antiquated and in need of an overhaul