• Will You Win the Ultimate Summer Prize Package?

    This is your chance to win incredible prizes — like a $200 Amazon gift card, a FREE What's Next? Game, and other exclusive M&J Games treasures!

  • What's Next? A Life-Size Drinking Game

    It's the ultimate game to get your party started! Bring it to house parties, bars, tailgates, camping trips – really any social activities.

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  • What's Next? A Life-Size Game. - Case of 8. (WNOG2) - M&J Games, LLC

    What's Next? A Life-Size Game

    This is the life-size family game where YOU are the game piece. It's the perfect game to play with family and friends of all ages.

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  • What's Next? Special Needs Collection - M&J Games, LLC

    What's Next? Special Needs Set

    This was defigned with neurodiversity in mind. It allows players to share their similarities, while celebrating their differences through gameplay.

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