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Our Story

Our company, M&J Games, LLC, was born in 2020 out of our, Marlee and Jerry, desire to give our kids a non-screen activity we could all enjoy. And bonus... it got us moving!

As we tweaked the tiles and developed the first edition of What's Next? The Life-Size Boardgame, we made something special that we were super excited to share.

From there, we've developed everything from adult party games, to games for special needs folks, and wholesome family fun for all ages.

We're constantly brainstorming about new games that will keep folks connected for years to come. Our small business is proud to play a role in memories you make & bonds you forge with friends and family.


Questy's Story

Questy, the lively mascot of M&J Games, embodies the company's commitment to inclusivity and diversity in their unique life-size boardgames.

Beyond a mere symbol, Questy actively engages players of all ages and abilities, becoming a conduit for connection and acceptance within the immersive experiences crafted by M&J Games.

Inspired by this mission of inclusion, Questy serves as a bridge, inviting everyone to participate fully in the interactive boardgames. His presence communicates that diversity is not only welcomed but embraced wholeheartedly, enriching the collective adventure.

Through Questy's journeys within the life-size board games, M&J Games demonstrates that diversity and acceptance are catalysts for extraordinary experiences. Each player, regardless of age or ability, becomes an integral part of the gameplay.

In essence, Questy embodies the belief that through unity and acceptance, remarkable moments can unfold. He stands as a beacon of inclusivity, inspiring players to celebrate their differences and embrace the joy of collective engagement in M&J Games' innovative boardgame experiences.

Our Mission

Inclusion for all players! Activities are designed to be accessible and amusing, so no task is out of reach or too strategic.

Our products unique because we  make YOU the game piece — so you can show your awesome personality.

Each round will feel different based on your opponents, so you’re never playing the same game twice.

All Products Have CPC Certificates

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