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Tips to Increase Sales of What's Next? The Game.

West Chester Toys - Ohio Storefront Our friend David Downing owns a successful toy store in West Chester, Ohio called West Chester Toys. His sales of What's Next? The Game. are great! So we thought it would be fun to share some of his sales tactics.  We reached out to him for an interview. See what he had to say...

How did you get into the toy-store biz?

Working for the same company for 28 years, I had accomplished everything that I set out to do with that business. I was looking for a new career in real estate development. Then, I came across a property that looked to me like it would be a great toys store. So, with no retail experience, no knowledge of the toy industry, I just saw an opportunity and went for it!

What's is the main focus of your store?

We're proud to be a locally owned and operated family business — offering unique games and toys for all ages (like What's Next?). Our main focus is on having an "experience" when you visit.

Can you give us some tips on increasing sales for What's Next? in stores?


  • Toddler Room West Chester Toys What's Next the gameThe Toddler Room: This is so important! When you walk you into the store, we have a specific area that is dedicated for ages 0-5 — the Toddler Room. This is where I have What's Next? laid out (in a question-mark shape, of course). Kids (and anyone else with them) see it, and are immediately drawn to the game.

  • Interaction with Potential Customers: Having the game out in the store is great, but another key part to this is taking the time to introduce it to potential customers. Quite often, I play it with the kids that come in to the store. It's what really drives home the sale. What's Next? is such a fun game, and the best way people can see that is to actually play!

  • Placement of The Checkout Counter: The checkout counter is strategically located right across from the toddler room — so I'm able to observe customers when they are checking out the game.

  • Wall of Fame West Chester Toys Store OhilPersonalize the Connection Between Customer and Store
    This is where our "Wall of Fame" comes in. It initially started as a way to recognize my first five customers, and it has since evolved. Kids love seeing their pics up on the wall. As mentioned above, my goal is for the store to be a shopping experience. The Wall of Fame is a way to create that customer-to-store connection. Pictured here on the wall is our first customer to buy What's Next? AND she used her own money to make the purchase!

Thank you so much for your time, David. Your store is amazing, and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for West Chester Toys!

Want to get What's Next? The Game. in your Store?

Just reach out. We'd be happy to help! Contact us at customerservice@whatsnextthegame.com or give us a call at (856) 516.0247.


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