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What's Next? A Life-Size Boardgame. First Edition

What's Next? A Life-Size Boardgame. First Edition

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What's Next? A Life-Size Boardgame is the First Edition of the popular life-size family game, What's Next?

Object of the game...

Be the first to reach the finish line by landing on, or passing, tile #24.

How to play...

Roll the die.
Move that number of spaces and do the action that the tile says to.

What will you do to win? Maybe you'll...
  • fart? (Not a real one. Just make the sound!)
  • bark like a dog? 
  • dance?
Package includes...
  • 25 different foam tiles 
  • 1 giant die 
  • 1 instruction sheet
It's simple to set up, lightweight, and easy to store. 

If the tiles get dirty, gently clean them with a wipe / wet rag, OR you can place them in washing machine on delicate cycle.

This game is guaranteed laughter for everyone around!

Recommended for ages 4+. 


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