What's Next? The Game. with Spectrum Sports

Fitness Program for Special Needs Individuals Incorporates What’s Next? The Game. Into Curriculum.

m&j games and spectrum sportsApril is Autism Awareness month, so we’d like to share how M&J Games and Spectrum Sports are working together to bring What’s Next? The Game. to the neurodivergent community.

We’ve asked Part Founder of Spectrum Sports, James Paoletti, questions about his mission, and how What’s Next? The Game. plays a role in his curriculum at Spectrum Sports. Here's what he had to say...

1. Tell us about Spectrum Sports, and its main focus.

Spectrum Sports is an inclusive sports and fitness program for individuals with special needs.

Our mission is to provide a judgment-free environment for folks with special needs. We teach functional skills for playing sports and engaging in fitness, while also working on motor skills, teamwork, and social skills.

2. Can you give us a little background about you and how Spectrum Sports started?

Spectrum Sports was founded in 2016 by two special-education teachers — myself and Dan Minko. We saw a need for extracurricular activities for special-education students. Not only did we have a passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle, but we also have personal connections to the special-needs world.

My sister-in-law has special needs and has been a big influence for me to get my special-education certificate — which ultimately led me to the path I’m on now with Spectrum Sports.

Dan was a Special Olympics volunteer for many years, and through that he found his passion for individuals of all abilities.

So we put our heads together and as a result, Spectrum Sports was formed! 

3. What are your thoughts about What’s Next? The Game. in connection with your program at Spectrum Sports?

Our athletes have really enjoyed playing it. It adds something different to our normal class routine. The athletes have enjoyed all the different tiles, and they're eager to participate in the fun. SEE US IN ACTION

We've also been working on a special project with M&J Games. More details to share about that in the upcoming months… Stay tuned.

4. How can others get involved with Spectrum Sports? 

spectrum sports volunteers needed

Volunteers and interns from the community are a big part of our program. They’re one of the components that allows everyone of all abilities, not just special needs, to connect and share something in common. It gives them the opportunity to practice what they’re learning in school, as well as understand how special and awesome our athletes are.

We’re always looking for volunteers! Visit our website, www.SpectrumSportsNJ.com, for more information.

Thanks James! We at M&J Games can’t wait to see where this connection takes us in the future, and greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us!

Know someone with special needs that would enjoy What’s Next? The Game.?

Awesome! Here’s a link to get it for them. CLICK HERE



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