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What's Next? A Life-Size Game is the family game for kids and adults (even grandparents) where YOU are the game piece.

Object of the game...
Be the first to reach the finish line by landing on, or passing, tile #24.

How to play...

Roll the die.
Move that number of spaces and do the action that the tile says to. That's it!

What will you do to win? Maybe you'll...
  • fart? (Not a real one. Just make the sound!)
  • bark like a dog? 
  • dance?
Package includes...
  • 25 different foam tiles 
  • 1 giant die 
  • 1 instruction sheet
  • 1 mesh bag for storage
It's simple to set up, lightweight, and easy to store. 

If the tiles get dirty, gently clean them with a wipe / wet rag, OR you can place them in washing machine on delicate cycle.

It's time to get off those screens, and start playing the Life-Size family game for children and adults, What's Next?!

Recommended for ages 4+.
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