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What's Next? Social Skills Add-on is the first expansion set to What’s Next? A Life-Size Game — designed for special needs folks.

It was specifically developed to...

  • Provide all-inclusive options for special-needs families.
  • Ensure that every player feels completely comfortable with all actions of the game.
  • Enhance player's social skills, while engaging in physical activity.

Here’s how it works…

Lay out all tiles from What’s Next? A Life-Size Game. 

NOTE: This is an expansion set. The complete game of What's Next? A Life-Size Game is NOT included in this package and can be purchased separately.

Switch the original tile with the Social Skills tile that has the same number. Then just play as usual.

Check out the original video for What's Next? A Life-Size Game.

Package includes...

  • 10 different foam tiles
  • 1 instructions sheet

What will you do to make it to the finish line?

Recommended for everyone ages 4+. 

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