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What's Next? A Life-Size Drinking Game. is the ultimate party game where YOU are the game piece!

It’s the perfect way to get your party started.

The object of the game…

Be the first to reach the finish line by landing on, or passing, tile #24.

How to play…

Roll the giant die.

Move that number of spaces and do the action of the tile on which you land, if you can!

Will you be able to…

  • walk a straight line after you've spun around three times? If not, DRINK!
  • say something sexy to another player... WITHOUT laughing? If not, DRINK!
  • hop on your right foot 3 times and NOT fall? If not, DRINK!

It's great to bring to house parties, bars, tailgates, camping trips – really any social activities.

Package includes...

  • 25 different foam tiles
  • 1 giant die
  • 1 instruction sheet
  • 1 mesh bag for storage 

It's simple to set up, lightweight, and easy to store. 

If the tiles get dirty, gently clean them with a wipe / wet rag, OR you can place them in washing machine on delicate cycle.

What will you do to win, AND how tipsy will you be if you do?

Recommended for adults, ages 21+.

*What’s Next? The Drinking Game. is a social game, intended to be used by adults of legal drinking age. M&J Games, LLC (developers of this game) does NOT promote the misuse of alcohol, or any form of alcohol abuse — and cannot be responsible for the effect alcoholic drinks may have on people. By playing, you release M&J Games from all liability related to game play. This game is for entertainment purposes only, and does not require the use of alcohol. All alcoholic drinks may be bad for your health.

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