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This is Not Your Average Drinking Game!

This is Not Your Average Drinking Game!

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Step away from the typical beer pong table and check out What's Next? A Life-Size Drinking Game. It's the ultimate adult drinking game for parties that gets you moving, laughing, and toasting to the good times!

Larger-Than-Life Fun

Raise your cup and elevate the mood with this hilarious beer-drinking party game for adults. It includes 25 foam tiles, 1 large die, 1 mesh bag. 

You already have the game pieces — you and your friends!

So Simple to Play

Your aim is to be the last person standing, and the first 1 to pass tile 24.

Set up the house party game tiles, roll to start, take the number of steps on the die, and do the task or get buzzed! 

Stumble to Victory!

Enjoy a laugh, a drink, and a unique experience playing the only life-size adult party game!

The game is always on with What's Next? A Life-Size Drinking Game!

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