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What's Next? Special Needs Set

Sharing our similarities, while celebrating our differences.

What's Next? A Life-Size Game & What's Next? Social Skills Add-On

What's Next? Special Needs Games 

It was specifically developed to...

  • Provide all-inclusive options for special-needs families.
  • Ensure that every player feels completely comfortable with all actions of the game.
  • Enhance player's social skills, while engaging in physical activity.

Here’s how it works…

Lay out all tiles from What’s Next? A Life-Size Game.  

Switch the original tile with the Social Skills tile that has the same number. Then just play as usual.

Package includes...

What's Next? A Life-Size Game

  • 25 different foam tiles
  • 1 giant die
  • 1 instructions sheet
  • 1 mesh bag

What's Next? Social Skills Add-on

  • 10 different foam tiles
  • 1 instructions sheet

What's Next? Life-Size Games where YOU are the Game Piece!

Recommended for everyone ages 4+. 

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